Out and About in Pink Denim and Red Top

I'M WEARING>> Jacket: H&M// Top: Boohoo// Skirt: Supre// Sneakers: Axel Arigato// Bag: Marc Jacobs// Sunnies: Monki

All the years curating outfits for this blog means that one simply couldn't go out and about around Macau in the simple stuff. Walking means photo ops, and I like to be prepared hahahaha. So this is the outfit I wore to go out and about with Leon on his day off one beautiful day. My sister, Kate, summed up this outfit quite nicely with one question - "are you going to prom?"

Okay fine so maybe this outfit is a little to dolled up, but that's just who I am and I'm not sorry. Hahahaha. This one-shouldered pleated top is my most recent purchase at Boohoo, and I love it so much of course. It's not fitting well at the moment but a little snip and sew and it should be okay. How could I resist this color though, right? I paired it with this asymmetrical maxi skirt you have probably seen before and my lovely Axel Arigato's. 

We started with a late lunch at Communal Kitchen - the good stuff and a cuppa (I'm feeling quite healthy right now!) - and then a walk. I have to admit that since Leon and I bought our car about three years back, we've basically stopped walking and hunting for the best photo spots. Usually we just drive everywhere. But it is impossible to park close to this scenic little spot in Macau, so we parked it far and walked. Good for the soul and all that jazz, amirite? I feel like walking more in the future.

Anyways, that's it for this post. Sorry I sound so disjointed. I'm a bit exhausted right now, but I'll see you again soon!  - Che



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