What to Wear on Grey Summer Days

I'M WEARING>> Tee: Marvel// Trousers: H&M// Boots: Something Borrowed// Bag: gifted// Belt: Asos// Earrings: Stradivarius

What's worse than a hot summer day when you're not swimming or somewhere with an airconditioner? It's when it's hot, humid, and annoying, and there's no sun to speak of. Like, grey as hell and still hot and sticky. Macau are you kidding me right now? The weather has been extra dark, hot, and sticky for a while now. The sun only shows up in murky intervals.

I think it's been messing with my inner chi as well, because wearing black and grey is the dreariest outfit to wear when it's grey outside, but this is what I ended up picking up to shoot with Leon using our new lens - Lens that required for him to be far enough from me for my heart to start growing fonder hahaha. Great shots right? Not my personal favorite, but I had to post them regardless! As for the look, I did try to inject some summer into it with the addition of basket pieces in the form of my clutch and earrings. Kind of a disorienting mix of pieces, but to me it just felt so right. I do wanna go all out summer 101 on my closet but maybe I'll wait until the weather eases up.

As for my week, though I've been on some downtime these past couple of days, this weekend is gonna be jam-packed. It's my sister, Katee's, birthday, and of course Mother's Day. For Katee, I think I may have overspent on her present, hahaha.. I'll let her show you on her own once she decides to on her own blog. For my mom, I gave her her go-to perfume I remember her using when I was very young - Dior Poison. I remember this being her perfume when I was in primary school. It was so nostalgic when I smelled it again.

Anyways, I'm done rambling for this post. I apologize if only half of what I'm saying makes any sense. But anyways, what do you think of this outfit? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments! See you soon - Che



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