H&M Conscious Exclusive 2018

A little too late but the latest H&M Conscious Exclusive is still worth gushing about. Right now I'm trying to chill after the insane week I just had, so I'm currently watching #GirlBoss in my underwear. I don't know if I'm loving or seriously hating it at the moment BTW. 

Okay back to H&M. They went all out print for this collection, with some amazing pieces in their collection I kinda drool over. And seriously how insane is this Morrocan vibe!? I loved all the pieces, especially this amazing green dress with the full skirt that I thought I could get as my second dress for my THIRD upcoming wedding but then the clothes sold out so fast I couldn't. Damn it right? 

I tried on this one dress, which is amazing, but didn't exactly fit right. Sigh, I wish I could've gotten some dresses huhu. But there's always the next amazing collection! Hahahah. Hope you liked this post darlings  -  see you next time! - Che



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