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I'M WEARING>> Culottes: c/o 5Preview via Popkorn MKT// Top and hoops: Monki// Jacket: Asos// Sunnies: Dreaming London// Shoes: Feiyue Shoes

Hi hi lovelies! Look what I found forgotten and lumped with like four other sets in one folder. Yep! It's my last set from the 5Preview items that were loaned to me by the amazing people at Popkorn MKT. The last piece is this amazing pair of culottes with a sheer panel. They may have been my least favorite loan of the group, but this outfit was a good one and I still love them.

I was in a mood for color that day, or so it seems. I was also very, very sick. Oh yeah, now I remember why I forgot about these - it's because I was horribly ill for a couple of days. And busy, very busy.

Anyways, all I did after this was do some groceries with Leon for dinner that night, and then turn in for the day. Though we may have this urge to keep at being busy, sometimes rest is the best decision. So, what do you think of this post, loves? Let me know in the comments below! - Che



  1. such a cool outfit dear
    loving your rainbow sunnies.

    ❤ Ms. Kei


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