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I'M WEARING>> Dress: Taobao// Jacket: Spinns Harajuku// Boots: River Island// Sunnies: Dreaming London

Soooo...maybe I didn't take enough travel photos to warrant a travel post of our recent trip to Shenzhen, but to tell you the truth it was more of an R&R trip and an excuse to turn off your phone and chill. I'm that type of person who could be on it at social media for months, and then suddenly shut off for a while to recharge. I need it, crave it. I usually spend the time with my family, my hubby, and tons and tons of movies.

Just this week I've watched Timeless, Lucifer, Jumanji 2, two more Marvel movies, and Kakegurui over a span of a couple of days. Just sayin'. Hahahaha.

Anyways, we did take this set while waiting for our ferry back to Macau from Shenzhen. Once again, I pushed off packing until the very final hour before we were set to leave the house so I just scrambled for everything I could find. Thankfully this is what I ended up taking, hahahaha, and another outfit I don't really like so....but it's okay. We can't get them all right all the time right?

I love this one though, so gothic and romantic and so not really in tune with what I was going for but...HAHAHAHAHA, I dunno, it is how it is. These boots and this coat and this dress though, right? I think they're a match made in gothic heaven.

Lifewise, don't feel so bad for me. I am actually somewhat busy nowadays. I now have two new projects, wedding plans are happening, and a whole new slew of travel plans I just started. Ahhhhh! Okay, I won't say anything now because our plans are not 100% there yet, but the moment it is - trust me loves, you'll be the first to know.

So see you soon my loves! - Che



  1. slaying!

    ❤ Ms. Kei


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