Sunshine Ahead

I'M WEARING>> Jacket: Levi's vintage via Mayonnaise Vintage// Hoodie: Fila// Bralette: Boohoo// Pants: Zalora HK// Sneakers: Feiyue Sneakers// Sunnies: 100 Hail Marys

Okay so maybe I spoke too soon because I haven't seen sunshine in a week as of today, but this was my post title when I edited these photos weeks ago, and well, I don't plan to change it anymore. This was a very random outfit on a day where I really had no idea what to wear.

I was on the fence if I wanted to post these photos but Leon loves this set, and threw a little tantrum when I told him I wasn't planning on posting these hahahaha. Don't worry, we're good, and you get these photos, so it's a win-win, yeah? Outfit-wise I was feeling for a more casual look, but I never feel me without a little outfit fine-tuning, hence the addition of this little lace bralet to my hoodie haha, and though flares and the 70's may not be a trend anymore, I love these trousers. I've never been one for changing my entire wardrobe to follow trends anyways.

And that is it for this post, loves! Do you like this outfit? Let me know in the comments below. - Che



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