Crop Top for the Heat

I'M WEARING>> Top: Zalora// Culottes and hoops: Monki// Shoes: Reebok// Bag: Marc Jacobs// Sunnies: Asos

Do you know what's kind of weird, lovelies? The fact that I am actually enjoying the heat this year. I've never been much of a fan of summer. Clothes are too small, too restricting. My makeup doesn't ever last, oh and have I mentioned that horrible feeling of being in a pressure cooker?

Anyways, weirdly, with the little amount of clothes I have in this outfit, I was still feeling so damn hot. This crop top, weirdly, I bought when it was still cold, late March if I remember correctly. Yep, I'm really a natural hoarder when it comes to clothes - usually I buy stuff really early, hahahaha. Do you wanna know what I did in this outfit though? I, along with Leon, my sister, and her boyfriend, we all went to our IELTS briefing. Yep, this is what I looked like during the briefing. I think I threw all decorum out the window when I quit my job. Yep, now I just wear as I please, unless of course the occasion really, really, calls for it.

Sorry I haven't been active lately guys and gals. I have been so caught up in my reading, and I don't have an off switch for when I jump from one hobby to another, so it's been really hard for me to get into blogging lately. Not to worry though, I'm working on that. So I'll see you soon, have a great weekend, and let me know what you think of this 'fit! -Che



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