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I'M WEARING>> Top: Mango// Trousers, bag, earrings: Stradivarius// Sunnies: Asos// Shoes: Converse

Hi guys! Just a quick (late) update for today. I'm really sorry for the absence, but really, I'm just not feeling it this month. Does that mean I'm quitting? Of course not! I just need an extended holiday. Blog aside, things have been looking up for me lately, putting me in a better mood than as of late. I won't get into the specifics because nothing's confirmed yet, but yeah, things are happening.

Anyways, this outfit tho, right? I have been super into mix and matching Yellow and Green lately, to amazing results - the type that can stop traffic. It's such a bold mix but maybe that's exactly why I love it. It's the second time you see these trousers, and this top, right? Been a while, but that's what makes outfits fun, the fact that you could forget something was in your closet and then see it and know exactly how to style it next.

Simple enough, Leon and I took these at a new location around Macau I haven't had much interaction with, but it was really pretty. After this we had ramen - because we always have ramen -  and then I went home. Yeah. I've been a real homebody lately. It's so not me, because I usually keep myself extremely busy, but lately all I want to do is a whole lot of nothing. My mood has taken a plunge, but I'm getting back anyway.

So that's it! How do you like this outfit? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments lovelies! See you soon - Che



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