Vintage Coca Cola Vibes

I'M WEARING>> Shirt: Bershka// Skirt, earrings, and bag: Stradivarius// Shoes: Feiyue Shoes// Sunnies: Dreaming London

Wooo...I'm back again. I'm sorry, really, but inspiration really hasn't been coming lately. Historically, summer has never been a good time for my creative juices, and I guess that is still true now. However, here I am with a new post anyway, simple as this outfit is - because I have a new Coca Cola shirt! *does my happy dance*

I went for a very vintage look with all the basics - denim, white kicks, and a belt bag - spiced up of course with some new white hoops and rainbow-colored shades. All in all a simple enough outfit to romp about town for a day.

Life-wise, oh I got a cat! His name is Derrey. I am so obsessed with him, hahaha, I think I'm already turning into a Cat-mom and I've only known him two days. He has big, expressive eyes and tawny skin. So cute. I've wanted a pet for years now, hence why I'm so pleased. Hahaha. In other news, June has been a pretty chill but depressing month for me. I can't wait for July right now. Le sigh. Anyways, hope your June has been better than mine. Whaddaya think of my new outfit, loves!? Let me know and see you soon! - Che



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