Groundbreaking Wonder Woman & Floral Vibes

I'M WEARING>> Tee and sunnies: Monki// Jacket: Levi's vintage// Skirt: Cotton On// Shoes: Reebok// Necklace: DC Comics

If you're wondering why these photos look a little depressing, well lovelies, that's because Macau's weather has been depressing. After what seemed like a lifetime of sunshine, we're back to the same moody weather I think Macau is known for. When Leon and I took these photos, it was actually Typhoon Number 3, but felt more like the inside of a pressure cooker. Humid, hot, and moody as hell.

Ugh. I know.

Anyway, let's not dwell on that then, shall we? Other than the fact that the weather was horrible, you see, Leon and I were having a great day. I've always wanted to try this restaurant at City of Dreams Macau called Beijing Kitchen, which served a pretty special Peking Duck. And boy was I craving Peking Duck of all things. So yeah, we ate there. The duck skin melted like butter. It was very good, if a little pricey. Outfit-wise, I wanted to feel comfortable, but look a little presentable. I think this skirt was that classy piece in this outfit, though I almost chose pants. Also, no heels because, ugh, I can't deal with that when it's raining. Hahahha.

Finally Leon and I decided to do a little shopping before we finally got home, and wouldn't you know it, I got some pretty good stuff! Can't wait to show you soon.

Sorry I've been absent lately. I honestly have not been in a sharing mood. Nothing major happened, just my personal feeling. You see, I've taken up reading again, and while it's amazing, I get so caught up with the stories that I outright refuse to do anything else until I've finished. I guess I'm really just one of those people who need to put 100% focus on one thing at a time. But I'm back, and I'm getting pumped again, so I'll see you soon! - Che



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