Food | Robuchon Au Dome

So, let's go back months to my amazing birthday lunch at Robuchon Au Dome in Grand Lisboa Macau. I was so excited to show these to you...and then I promptly forgot...but here they are, finally.

The restaurant was on the topmost floor of the hotel, right inside the egg-shaped dome. It was flooded with light all over and was really pretty, though part of it was damaged and closed off because of the typhoon. Leon and I started off the lunch with Dom Perignon at lunchtime, followed by bread in, I shit you not, a whole bread station, with about a dozen different kinds of bread. Amazing! Oh, and two kinds of butter - because, reasons.

Finally, the food - so much food - came, including two wine pairings I had with the main course (burgers with Merlot), and one of the entrees (crispy egg - gawddddd - and a light Riesling). By the end of the mouth-watering food, our sweet server gave us free rein of the chocolates and desserts. Amazing. I ate so much that I think I looked a little bloated in these photos...hahahahhaha.

Damnnnn, the food is good, worth a try when you're around here in my little city. Anyways, the temperature has been cooling lately, so stay tuned for more fall-like looks soon!

See you soon, lovelies. - Che



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