Kenzo Sunshine

I'M WEARING>> Tee: Kenzo// Skirt: Factorie// Boots: Public Desire// Hat: Asos// Bag: Zalora

Bringing to you my other weekend outfit, which I wore last Sunday. Okay, so maybe I started the morning (in church no less) wearing a two-piece set that looks exactly like rose-gold pajamas. I then went to a birthday dinner in said pajamas, ahhaha. Then I met up with Leon and finally decided that maybe pajamas were not the best thing to wear to all those things.

So, here's the change, featuring a purchase I have been debating on for a while now. A Kenzo tiger has always been on my wishlist, may it be a sweater or shirt. I didn't really care that the trend ship had sailed, I just wanted one, and now I do, in this perfect yellow shade. Then paired with summer's print - gingham - and my nude sock boots, which took one year to come back to this blog.

Anyways, it was a frenzied look of everything, which I seem to love. 

I'm not expecting to have so much free time these next couple of weeks, because the number of events we're having are through the roof, but I'll try and update soon!

See you darlings - Che



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