Barbie Girl Sweater

I'M WEARING>> Sweater: H&M// Skirt: Stradivarius// Boots: Public Desire// Bag: Marc Jacobs

Because I'm the epitome of restlessness and impatience, I decided that I couldn't live one more day without wearing this amazing pink sweater. With the pseudo-fall we've been having here in Macau lately, it was cool (cool here being the most technical sense), Kate, my sis and fellow blogger, and I decided to go fashion and pose together in our bright sweaters and make a sweater weather post - coming soon! She also put my makeup, which is awesome because I'm personally not very good at it. Okay I suck. Oh, and my sister wants me to inform everyone that I drew in my own eyebrows and hereby they are not up to her usual 'fleek-ness' ,hahahahah.

Anyways, life has been topsy-turvy, messy messy lately. We're quite busy at work, I'm quite busy with our impromptu, sudden, wedding, and well, life's just busy nowadays, in general. Hayyy, I think I'm almost ready to sleep for a decade. But, I'm happy. Life's good.

Anyways, my eyes are drooping as I'm writing so I'll cut this here. See you soon! - Che



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