Guangzhou | Feeling French

I'M WEARING>> Top: Supre// Jeans: Asos// Boots: Something Borrowed// Bag: Marc Jacobs// Hat: H&M// Sunnies: from Jatujak, Bangkok (from Kate)

So, you might be wondering as to why I've been posting pictures of me in wedding dresses to my stories, and my feed, and why I keep returning to Guangzhou this past couple of weeks. Well, loves, that's because there's been a development in the Leon-Chezka union that I thought would end in 2014. 

This November, Leon and I will be having our second wedding in his hometown in China. Not just some banquet, but the whole wedding shebang. I've been going to China these past couple of weeks to buy my -and my family's- dresses. I will have three gowns - the Chinese Qipao for the ceremony, followed by the most princess-y white gown for the banquet, and finally a velvet, Chinese-collared dress for the after-party. All with matching accessories, because - tradition.

Without realizing it, I had worn this beret on both shopping occasions. But this is the outfit I wanted to share with you today, because gosh, I love it. Simple with a twist - just how I like it. These boots are new, and I love them so much, wearing them nonstop since they came to me just a few days ago. They just match everything. 

Anyway, you can be rest assured that when the big day does come, I will share it with you.

See you soon - Che



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