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I'M WEARING>> Shirt: Spinns Harajuku// Joggers: Reclaimed Vintage via Asos// Shoes: Adidas// Bag: Stradivarius

Hi loves! Here's my last post of our most recent Japan trip, finally up! This time around, instead of taking pictures of my daily outfits while travelling, I opted to take only a few outfit shots and do more travel shots instead, especially of places that I either went to but didn't give enough love last time, or places I missed altogether.

The beauty of Japan is that every place is different. Osaka and Kyoto are different beasts, and Tokyo is something else altogether. I thoroughly enjoyed Tokyo this time around, if I do say so myself, because we had five, as opposed to two, days to visit this place. More food was tried, more places were seen, and some were revisited.

Last time I was in Tokyo, I actually opted to stay here in Asakusa, at the Gate Hotel Kaminarimon. It was an amazing hotel with an amazing view, but now I realised we were actually quite far from everything else. I also realised that I didn't even get to see the surrounding areas of Asakusa last time, which is a damn shame because this place is pretty AF! It's the cultural hub of Japan, with the large Sensoji Temple as its main attraction. If you're looking for souvenirs in Tokyo, I recommend Sensoji Temple for all the cute Japanese kitsch and traditional snacks! They're all here. For cheap souvenirs and food stuffs, definitely Tokyo Tower.

Anyways, by this time in our trip, I had all but depleted the mess of clothes I had brought with me to Japan. I'm still a bad packer so basically all my Japan outfits were created on the fly, sometimes as I was getting ready in the morning (no joke). I brought the pieces but I did no pre-planning of any of the outfits. Actually, by this time, I had run out of shirts, and while I love this combo I came up with now, it was a different story when I was staring at my luggage, wondering what to wear. I found it too loud, you see, not really matching the surroundings, and I don't know, weird.

But a few hours later I came to realise that I was somehow, low-key, channeling Dua Lipa from IDGAF, a look I had tried and failed to emulate before, hahahaa. So yay me! This shirt is new as well, from my fave Japanese clothing store, Spinns. You should check them out lovelies! I also made my sisters believers on this insane brand. My shirt says 'Earl' BTW.

Anyways, this finally concludes my pictures from Japan! I hope you liked this series, and more outfits coming very soon! See you lovelies - Che



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