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Pictures by Leon, KateeOTD, and yours truly

Tokyo must be one of my favorite cities in the world, for very good reason. One, it's insane - a one-stop shop for all things Japan, with culture, entertainment, old, new and basically everything in between. You can see from the discord in these photos, jumping from peaceful shrine, to busy city, to balls-to-the-wall insanity in one post.

These pictures were basically all the extra pictures of Japan I could cram in one post, and boy was it not easy. My sisters, Leon and I explored Tokyo in detail this time around, flitting from traditional stuff, like Meiji shrine, to new, like this amazing arcade, with interiors fitted to look like old Kowloon, complete with scary doorway that I do not remember seeing in HK hahahaha. There was also much-needed anime-related shopping and Maid Cafe-ing at Akihabara, checking out souvenirs at Asakusa, One Piece-ing out at Tokyo Tower, stopping by Shinjuku for a prison-themed dinner, and finally swanky drinks in an unassuming yet high-end bar that served custom cocktails (there's no menu) that was somehow situated in a dilapidated apartment building. 

Oh and there was shopping to be done at Harajuku. I got some amazing pieces, thanks very much, most of which I've already worn in this post - like the flannel skirt and the cropped polo I sported in Asakusa. There's also a longline nova check coat, lilac top, and Adidas Yung-1s in my future. Tee hee.

I may just really write a guide map for Japan soon, so there's that to look forward to, as well as my last post from Japan this time around.

For now I leave you this. See you soon lovelies! - Che



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