Paris | Sacre Coeur et Montmartre

Gahhh this first day in Paris was an absolute dream, but I guess you can tell because I have not one, not two, but three posts in the same outfit. Not that I mind, but of course there's so much more to this trip than this abso-effing-lutely perfect first day in Paris.

Instead of making our way to the Eiffel Tower right on the first full day, Leon and I decided to be creative and head to the other side of the Seine instead. Yep, the infamously artistic left bank. Back when I was still so into art, drawing and the like, my persistence to go to Paris lay with the fact that it is considered an artist's paradise. I had dreams of just leaving everything behind and making it as an artist in Paris, or at least taking an extended holiday to just explore, sketch, and live. Yep, the naivety of an eighteen-year old so confused with her life. I'm glad of how my life turned out eventually, but that would have been the adventure of a lifetime had I gone through with it.First up of course was a trek to the Sacre Coeur, on top of the hill. Again, French architecture at its finest. As always, we made the executive decision to go really early in the morning, which is the best decision because can you see how empty it is? By the time the crowds had come we were well on our way down from the Sacre Coeur to head into Montmartre, the quintessential French area with cutesy little buildings, street music, and art. Lots of art. We even came across some art class students gathered around drawing sceneries.We spent the rest of our time getting a late breakfast at a quintessentially French restaurant in my fave color (5 points for anyone who knows) called Au Cadet de Gascogne. It started with coffee, fresh juice, omelet, and croissants, then we shared a crepe de sucre as well, all while reveling in the marvelous sunshine that persisted our whole time in Paris.We ended the first day with a quick and rewarding shopping trip at Galeries Lafayette, which I'll show you in a future post! So till then sweeties, see you soon - Che



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