Taiwan | Relaxing on a Rainy Day

I'M WEARING>> Dress: Gd Shop Taipei

I honestly cannot remember the last time I spent a day of travel in the hotel I booked, doing nothing. Being a content creator, who wants as much content as possible on this blog when the time comes to post on this blog and several social media platforms, I'm always on the go. Off to the next place, then the next, then the next. I've forgotten meals, failed to see the beauty in front of me as opposed as through a viewfinder or screen, and always just feel plain exhausted sometimes.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love travelling like this. I like seeing as much as of a destination as possible, and I love taking pictures. Even when we did relax this day I still have pictures to share with you - though Leon had the initiative to take these all on his own, btw. But there's something so nice about not having a tight schedule and actually taking the time to wind down after a trip.

The main reason I booked this BnB was 1) It had great reviews, 2) It's close to the Taipei Train Station, and 3) There's this swing. Hahahaha. I thought I wouldn't get to try this swing, but then day 2 of our rainy Taipei weekend adventure had more rain than the first, a downpour that removed all plans of going out and taking pictures out of the picture, so my schedule freed up.

Oh, you're also getting a glimpse of the tent-like, empire-waisted baby doll dress I bought in Taiwan from a Taipei boutique. Cute eh? It had a wool coat to match but I guess we can see that next time!  

Now I want a swing in my house!

Grr, if only Leon would agree to this awesomely cool and amazing idea.

Anyway, see you soon lovelies - Che



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