All Grown Up in Color Block Suit

I'M WEARING>> Blazer: FF Studio// Skirt and top: Asos// Boots: Raid London// Bag: Pomelo// Belt: Dorothy Perkins// Sunglasses: 100 Hail Marys// Earrings: Monki

I've been so drawn to weird suits lately. These aren't the suits you wear to an office too, but two pieces that compliment each other enough to be considered a suit I suppose. In this case, that was my beloved purple blazer matched with an equally bright neon green skirt.

I am so glad that blazers with large shoulders are currently having a moment. I'm actually a big fan of these as they toughen up and at the same time complement my less-than-slim frame. I have worn this purple blazer a couple of times now, and it does not disappoint in the style department for me. Good as well that I have a couple of options with the same fit, so it's blazers galore on StyleChe this spring!

Life-wise, I'm holding my breath for something that's happening soon. On one hand I want to be optimistic, but on the other I don't want to be that optimistic till it's happened. Cryptic I know, but I don't wanna spoil it lest it gets jinxed.

So see you soon, lovelies! - Che



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