A Rainy Weekend in Taiwan

Leon never learns. Hahaha. I remember telling him years ago when we were still dating that I was a doer kind of person. I just did things, and I usually did them very fast when I got my mind into it. I told him never to suggest anything to me - especially travel - if he wasn't planning to go ahead with it, because before he knew it I'd have planned everything in my head and assume we were confirmed and then ask why we hadn't booked tickets yet, and do we need a room?

This trip attests to that. Hehe, poor thing tried to back out of it, but by then I was already halfway through booking tickets so finally he just had to go along hahahaha.

But like everytime I have been in Taiwan since the first time I came here, I arrived to torrential rains, gloomy grey skies, and surprisingly cold temperatures, when usually, Taiwan is a little warmer than Macau, hence my weird mesh of an outfit that failed to warm me at all. Hahaha. And for some reason, Leon and I both didn't check weather forecasts, so Leon packed three t-shirts and that was it.

But all that aside, it was a pleasant trip. Leon and I had so much fun, weird because bad weather is one of the most surefire ways to dampen my mood. We laughed, ate our weight in delicious Taiwanese food, and casually photographed our way through this rainy tour we had, starting in Jiu Fen, which I've been to before (see that post HERE), then to Shifen Waterfall, a beautiful, marvelous site to behold, and finally ending with lantern lightings and wishing for better days in Shifen Ancient Town, set along an old rail track.

That night, we hunted down this small, local eatery for the best Taiwanese beef noodles in town, bought too expensive but truly beautiful Taiwan clothes, and ended the night with an IMAX showing of Alita: Battle Angel. It was a weirdly perfect day.

Now I am itching to return once again, hopefully to blue skies and sunny days, if only to do these places justice in my photos. Fingers crossed Leon blurts out another impromptu trip soon, hahahaa.

Anyways, that's it for now. See you soon, lovelies! - Che



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