Taipei | Visiting an Old Town

Leon asked me if I wanted to spend a day away from the city and go to an old town up in the mountains...of course I said yes! The town, called Jiu Fen, was an hour ride from Taipei by train and then followed by a fifteen minute bus ride. It was worth it though! The whole street was literally lined with shops and so many kinds of foods that I think Leon and I went a bit crazy. We were eating all the way up for three hours before stopping at a cafe that had a balcony overlooking the best view ever! It's the second to the last photo -

Wanted a vintage-ish look for the trip, which I did with a polkadot cropped top I picked up the day before in Taipei, a bowler hat and my collar necklace. It was so hot though, so I had to take off some items when we started our trek up the street

Just a quick post today lovelies, have to go out to eat

Hope you like this post, lovelies,
Have an awesome week,
- Che


Top : Taipei Station Mall//Shorts : Mansi//Bag : Zara//Creepers : Taobao//Collar : Gongbei Mall//Heart Necklace : Stradivarius//Hat : thrifted



  1. hi there! I'm going to travel to some cities next week, and your outfit totally inspire me on what to wear (and pack)! hahaha.. have a nice day! :D

    Come and hail to my cruise~

  2. i love your style girl

  3. wow! you have a great style dear!! love it!
    thanks os much for visit my blog!! i follow you NOW! hope you follow me back too as well!

  4. You look lovely! I do the same too when its too hot haha, start taking parts of the garment off. And cheers I really dig your bowler hat, looks real good on ladies with curly hair I think :) I got myself one too. So high five! And very trippy shoes there too :) They look ilk excellent ones to start up a trek in :)
    Hope to see you around!

    Ginela Gonzalez

  5. Oh and by the way.... that tea cup photograph is awesome, sweet job on that one :)

    1. Leon took that shot :) I can't take very artsy shots like that, thanks sweetie! He'll be glad to hear that!

  6. Sounds like a fun trip! :)
    Love the polka dot top. And of course, those leopard creepers! Haha

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  7. Great look! I love your banner!

  8. Love your look you have a great style!♥♥

    I'm following you now, follow me too?

    xx Flor♥

  9. Thank you for your comment! Hope you enjoy the wedding in the Philippines... I can't wait to go! I'm loving your blog so I've started following you ;)

    Cute outfit! Love that bag (^_^) x

  10. hello dear,
    great blog
    want to follow each other?


  11. Love the outfit, especially those animal print shoes! You're so cute!

  12. thanks for the lovely comment in my blog! nice blog BTW. ♥
    followed you! follow back please?

  13. I really love your blog and your style is amazing. I'm now following you and I hope you will follow me too !



  14. What a fun outfit! Love your style :)

    Looks like an awesome place to visit!!

  15. Great outfit, I love the collar and the tee a lot. Now following you, maybe you can check my blog and follow back if you like it, xoxo

  16. love your whole outfit, especially the leopard creepers! :)
    you're so lucky to be in asia right now, I'm about the freeze from the cold here in Australia! BTW I'm your new follower :) xx.

  17. awesome pics hon, love your style, i am your newest follower, can you please do the same? :)

  18. Hi,nice blog.
    What about following each other:)?

    Happy blogging.

  19. Is your name kara too?????!!!!!

    love those spiky clear things what are they????

    1. Yes my first name is Kara..:) those are candy..well, sugar on a stick is more appropriate!

  20. you are such a beautiful girl!
    perfect dress, shoes and shirt <3

  21. I totally love this look! Amazing creepers! :)

  22. I really want a pair of creepers but i'm not sure if i could pull them off. I love yours!


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