Taichung Travel Diary

1) Old phone booth outside our second hostel (Fashion Home 26)
2) Cute lamppost of some restaurant
3) Feng Chia Area, Taichung - the mother of shopping streets!
4) Leon's new shiny disco-ball shirt (so cool!)
5) Bonbons from a shop called 'James' (white chocolate covered raspberries and dark rum truffles)
5) Outfit - Leopard-print shirt : Taipei//Shorts : DIY Wrangler men//Sneakers : Pull and Bear//Collar Necklace (better view in pic1) : Gongbei Mall//Vest : borrowed from Leon (Taipei)//Bag : Esprit//Belt : Stradivarius
6) Had to take a photo of these awesome brogues which did not come in my size :(!
7) Eating again - Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake)
8) Eating again and again - Kurtos (bread roll with sugar-glazed top and pizza butter inside)
9) Finally, a better view of my Esprit bag!


1) Midnight snack outfit - wearing Leon's disco ball shirt (I had to try!), Mansi shorts and Esprit bag
2) The graduate (Leon's cousin) and Leon - the sunflowers Leon's holding came from us
3) Me goofing around with some balloons
4) Mural at the college
5) Had to scramble for a decent outfit to meet the aunt and cousins...do I look okay? (Cardigan : Ximending street, Taipei//Top : JJ - Taichung//Shorts : Mansi//Loafers : Feng Chia Market - Taichung//Bag : Roxy
6) Coffee break - Mmmmm
7) A closer look at my new shoe beauties!
8) Funny story about this street - we got lost and ended up far, far away...to some middle of nowhere part of Taichung, when we finally got back here all the shops were already closed - I liked this graffiti mural though


I came back to Macau a few days ago, and am now experiencing what I like to call 'Destination Withdrawal'. It's when you still can't get used to your own home place and still think about the destination you have just been to. I sleep too much and still think about Taiwan too much...*sigh, but I have some good news I will be sharing soon!

Anyways, here are some of the pictures from Taichung. It's a great place, still a city but not as chaotic - and the night market is awesome! I spent a lot here, they have some really nice items to buy and ogle to! There are also some photos of the graduation. It was the first time I met anyone in Leon's family so you can imagine how nervous I was, but I found out they really were nice people!

I have only one medley left, and that is of Kenting, the beach. I really hope you enjoyed these pictures of Taiwan! 

Till next time, my lovelies! 
See you soon,
- Che



Photos by: Leon Lee & Chezka Cenon - please do not use without asking me first



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  3. lovely photos xx i especially love the first one,the phone booth always looks cute :D

  4. I really enjoy this posts! Love your outfits as well :)

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  8. I've not only enjoyed your pictures from Taiwan, I seriously want to go there now! Haha, it looks like you had an amazing time there and I won't lie, I'm totally jealous!
    And you look so cool in all your outfits, I love these both!
    Isn't it amazing how blogging can boost your confidence? I felt the same before, but now I've found it's affected how I view myself and through the support of readers, it's definitely a more positive one.
    Because we as readers don't see those imperfections we tend to zero in on ourselves. I think you have amazing style and always look gorgeous! You rock your curves! :)

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    1. Oh you should go someday! at least for a week..but I don't recommend the itinerary we made..it's crazy tiring! Thank you sweetie, you are a gorgeous girl too :)

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  16. Great photos! Travel to Asia is one of my biggest dreams:)

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  30. lovely pictures! what camera did you use for them?

    1. I use my bf's Sony camera, it's a hybrid DSLR/digicam, I think Sony Nex 3, with 18-55mm lens. Sometimes he uses a 50mm lens, or 100mm lens, too
      Hope this helps =)


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