Doubled Down Denim

I'M WEARING>>  Jacket: Pull & Bear// Tee: Kenzo// Jeans: Bershka// Sneakers: Reebok// Bag: Marc Jacobs

Hi darlings! Oh my gosh I'm back, hahaha. Pictures were just not happening lately, and they almost didn't happen here, buttttttt....this was a great outfit so I'm keeping it.

Anyways, since the psyche buster that was our last event ended, I have been having something of a slump emotionally and mentally. Does that ever happen to you? I usually get so crippled for a few days, and I feel barely able to function socially, and I can barely speak. Or else I talk so much that it sounds like white noise in my mind.

But back to the outfit. I was actually in a bit of a hurry to get to work so I just put whatever on - which meant more denim and a cool shirt. I love this new jacket, which I just bought, and some great jeans, which I bought a few months back - topped off with these amazing Reeboks that took me literally months to get because I first bought them on one site, but then they run out and sent me a refund, so then I found it somewhere else (Asos), and took the free shipping route - so it came after another three weeks, haha.

Worth it!

Anyways, see you next time lovelies! - Che



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