All Layered Up

I'M WEARING>> Coat: Spinns Harajuku// Jacket: Asos// Top: Supre// Pants: Weekday// Shoes: Reebok// Bag: Marc Jacobs// Earrings: H&M

Hi hi darlings! So I just literally had to lift myself out of the funk I was in these past couple of weeks, and now I'm feeling a little lighter. I think the fact that Christmas is super close may have contributed to this redemption - as well as immersing myself with my zany, happy family and loving husband.

Anyways, I thought about this outfit all week before the weekend. But...there are some outfits that look good in theory and not practice, and some that are vice-versa. This was one of those that just fell into place. I think the red lipstick puts it all together, noh? 

The weekend was a good one, but I did find myself with a bit of a fever and cold at the end of it. Macau is pushing 9°C at the moment, which may be laughable for some of you, but for as much as I love winter, I'm always the first to get the sniffles as it gets colder. And so close to the holidays too! Damn, I have to get well soon - literally.

On a good note, I have some new goodies to show you, my trip to the Philippines is only a few days away, and Macau is just all luscious sunshine and chill. Life is good, so you'll see me very soon! Till then - Che



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