Last of 2017

I'M WEARING>> Blazer and top: H&M// Pants: Pull&Bear// Boots: Something Borrowed// Bag: Marc Jacobs

Full disclosure, this post was supposed to come up tomorrow, the first day of 2018, but I wanted to take this chance to talk and reminisce back on 2017 before it ends in a matter of hours.

This year was a floozy, wasn't it? I know that, internationally-speaking, we may be having the worst year so far - what with politics, natural disasters, and whatnot. I don't discount that maybe our world has gone to shit, but that's not what we are here for today. If you wanna discuss current events - feel free to message me.

Personally, 2017 was a lot of peaks and valleys - more peaks than valleys, of course, and a lot of bittersweet moments. There were moments I would cherish, and some I'd rather forget. I know that every year, I usually let you in on my resolutions for the new year, but I just have one this time - to Stay Positive. It's very hard to stay optimistic sometimes, don't you think? I'm my own biggest critic and worst hater. I like to think I'm a positive person, but the truth is, I am, except when it counts. Then I doubt and overthink and fall into a slump for days that I can't get out of. I also make everything out to be worse than it is.

In 2018, I give myself no responsibilities nor any resolutions I won't be able to keep - just keep positive, work hard, and get those good vibes flowing. That's what I'm working on next year. Wish me luck =)

Anyways - yep, these photos were just taken today - this is my New Year countdown outfit. I started the day out in something else, but it didn't work out. This worked out well - do you love my shiny foil camisole? Super festive eh? How are you spending your NYE? Mine will be spent with the family over a never-ending feast, with my sisters and Leon. 

Have a great rest of the year, lovelies! - Che



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