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I'M WEARING>>  Sweater: FF Studio// Skirt: Supre// Boots: Something Borrowed

So, work is finally done for the year and I could not be happier! I have been focusing on myself this past couple of days, and that's also what I plan to do until 2018.

Though we still have Christmas, and you know I love me a big dose of Christmas cheer, I'm more excited for the New Year. I have been contemplating once again on my life so far, as one does during this time of the year. There's still so much to do, to achieve, new goals to reach, and I feel as if we're finally moving forward once again.

As for the outfit, this sweater/skirt combo is what I wore to get my nails done earlier this week. As someone who focuses more on my clothing than myself, it gives me a measure of joy to pamper myself - getting threaded false lashes and QQ nails, which I have not done in a while. This sweater reminded me of Jeremy Scott's collection for Moschino, which is why I got it. I love clothing with large, weird brand logos on them.  And what better way to wear a sweater like this than with this knotted skirt? I find this sort of combo so pretty!

Anyways, the long holiday officially starts tomorrow, and we are headed to Manila on the 23rd! Stay tuned lovelies, and see you soon. - Che



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