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I was going to wait until a better time to disclose my next travel destination, but I couldn’t wait anymore. My current scene is so depressingly tragic that I’m starting to wistfully think of wide, open spaces, blue skies and seas, and that hot, tropical sunshine. Yep – this December, right after Christmas, my family and I are going to Palawan, the beach destination of the Philippines!

So, of course, in this extremely premature hallucination of mine, I won’t be wearing my mishmash of haphazardly thrown on ‘fashion’, better known as the ‘I’m-late-need-clothes-now-meh-fine’ look. I would be an epitome of grace and natural island beauty, with a glowing tan, salt in my hair and coconut in hand - or more likely, a little gremlin with frizz instead of hair, no makeup no glow, and probably one of my old shirts and shorts to swim in, oh, and a coconut in hand.

But anyway, since this is just a fantasy list, let’s get down to what I would probably wear this upcoming holiday, shall we?

Look 1: Island Hopping

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Something we are almost guaranteed to do on this trip? Island hop. My whole family could be compared akin to something like a school of fishes. We just love being around water, swimming, jumping off boats to feel the deep, blue sea (which, contrary to popular belief, is actually quite frightening, especially if you've watched Jaws). Because this is the fantastical me - but keeping with my usual clothing aesthetic - I'd like to think I would unintenionally but totally match this powder-blue bikini with an equally eye-catching pair of palazzo pants.

This look may not be that far-off from something I would actually plan to wear. Right down to the white slides. Hmmm, I'll update you on this.

Oh, and speaking from the experience of drowning my phone in the ocean one day into a previous trip (to Boracay), I am not going anywhere near the water without a good waterproof bag! Nope, nuh-uh. One drowned phone and soaked money experience was enough. Hahahaha.

Look 2: Long Walks on the Beach

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I always fantasize about walking down a blue strip of beach, wearing the bare minimum makeup (which, in my case, includes highlighter now. Hey, got to catch that tropical shine, right?), calmly contemplating about my meager 27 years of life while watching the sun set in glorious fashion. I would be wearing a flowy, non-shapy dress in a basic print, preferably white or ocean blue, a colorful swimsuit beneath because I need fun in my life, sunglasses, and flat sandals.

While I do like a strappy sandal once in a while, I think I would choose not to at the beach.  I need slippers that literally 
slide on and off because I like to spontaneously jump into the water at moment's notice. Also, because this is my fantasy – I would of course be holding a vintage Ferragamo straw bag – that I would not be able to afford now (and I will not bring anywhere near a beach if I did).

Look 3: Girl About Town

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Of course not everything will be about the beach - we may also venture into town and check out the local island life and maybe go crazy on food sampling and souvenir shopping. For this look, I would still be put together in everyone's favorite millenial pink, but no slippers this time! I don't really like walking down dirt roads in slippers, and would usually opt for leather sneakers - the kind that are easier to clean!

Bonus Look 4: Vixen at the Beach

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Finally, a little dream dressing now, or maybe this is the most accurate one to my personality? Because I am so gonna try to make this little pin-up at the beach thing happen, wearing my favorite color in the world at the moment! Yes, ladies, we can swim in red lipstick! ;)

And that's it for now! What do you think, lovelies!? Let me know, and see you soon! - Che



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