Sweater Weather with KateeOTD

With KateeOTD

Imagine having a random conversation one day with your sister about nothing at all, and the conversation going over to "I bought a new sweater".

Now, maybe in other sisterhoods, the answer would be "Oh that's nice. K. So back to my question, how do airplanes fly?" but my answer was, "Yes me too, we should wear them together and go twinsies and show off our sisterhood of the travelling knits". That's basically the glut of our conversation before schedules were made, times were booked, and now here we are.

There was supposed to be a Halloween angle here somewhere, but in the end it was just a sweater-weather look when Macau was definitely nowhere near sweater weather. I ain't complaining though, because don't we look super cute?

Anyways, I am currently knee-deep in our last work event for the year, so it may be a while before new outfit photos, so be patient with me. I will get back to regular programming soon. - Che



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