Feeling Extra Extra

I'M WEARING>> Suit: Stradivarius// Fanny Pack: Bershka// Top: Asos// Boots: Truffle Collection

There are some days when I'm good with a neutral top, my usual denim jeans, sneakers and sunglasses. A perfect blend-in outfit, if you will. The day these photos were taken was NOT that usual day. Once in a while, I do feel the need to dress a little extra, a little more in-your-face-I'm-fashion-now! streetstyle looks, even when there's nowhere to be in sleepy ol' Macau. In my OTK boots, mesh top, and a velvet green fanny pack, I think I achieved that this time.

What's funny was my itinerary for the day, which included picking up my sisters for a late breakfast, grocery store for some bread and milk, and then home, where I proceeded to lounge for the rest of the afternoon. Yep. I dressed like this in a kid-friendly restaurant then the grocery!

Macau's weather has been warm, humid, uncomfortable, and rainy -_-, so the rest of my weekend was just more lounging, an awful lot of insta-stories, and getting my hair done. It's just as well, because my second wedding is in four days, so no sleep for me.

Anyways, I will see you soon! - Che



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