I'M WEARING>> Coat: Asos// Top: Boohoo// Trousers: Collect Point// Boots: Forever 21// Bag: H&M// Socks: Uniqlo// Sunnies: Shibuya Road, Japan

I probably know what you're thinking - "why is this girl blabbering about Mondays when it's a Friday? TGIF! Fri-yay! Woo!" but today I wanna show you how I "human" on a Monday morning. Mondays have the double suck factor for being both the first day after a weekend, and generally one of the busiest days of the week. Believe me when I say I understand wanting to just hide under the covers till it's over.

Luckily, I've finally developed my personal uniform for those days when my outfit is the last thing on my mind. It's fairly simple - in the winter, a good coat, trousers, neutral top, and booties. Repeat with all possible combinations, tee hee, which in my case is a lot of combinations. I do love my basics. Also, add personality with your accessories. In this outfit, they're my oatmeal-colored socks.

Anyways, finally Friday again. I am glad. That is all. 

I'll probably have more news for you tomorrow. Haha. Right now I got nothing.

See you soon my dears - Che



  1. Mondays are the pits and it is not quite Friday here yet (only Thursday morning) but I already can't wait until Friday! Love the pants!

  2. I love your pants! They look really nice. I love the pattern so much! The outfit is amazing and the tip with your "uniform" is really helpful!
    Have a nice day ♡

  3. Love your coat!!! And love your hair color too! x
    Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  4. Love the fifth picture, it's awesome. Girl the pants is amazing. Love the look, so chic. Having a uniform is pretty cool.

  5. That pants looks great on you!


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