Phoning It In

I'M WEARING>> Coat: Kleeaisons// Top: New Look// Skirt: Stradivarius// Boots, sunnies, and necklace: Forever 21// Bag: Zara

I know we always want to be our best possible version, and on this blog, that means a constant stream of reinvention of your personal look. Believe me, I want nothing more than to always give you a unique spin on clothes, but sometimes, like this day, I really just needed to phone it in because, well, I really don't know. I was lazy, I guess. Haha. 

If you think I'm too obsessed with chokers right now, you're right haha. Now I just buy tops with built-in chokers. It's super cute though, love the low cut. I always love a low-cut top. I am also so into grommet details right now. I have a top and a skirt with these cool details. Can't wait to wear them together, because you know I just will. Anyways, the weekend was a tiring one, but fun. We finally got our closet up, shoe closet assembled, things put in place, and just overhauled our little space. It's not done yet - that's a lot more work, but we're in the right direction. Then on Sunday, my mom had the great idea to book a room at the Studio City again, which messed up my sleeping pattern (or lack thereof). But all's good. There are a lot of fun things in my future, so continue to come back to my corner in cyberspace! Next time I won't even phone it in ;)

See you soon darlings - Che



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