Streetstyle Mermaid

I'M WEARING>> Jacket: Stradivarius// Top and skirt: H&M// Boots: Truffle Collection// Bag: Forever 21// Choker: stationery shop

If Ariel was from this century, and a street style enthusiast, she may be dressed like this. Haha. I found this velvet/sequinned skirt while out and about with my family in China. It was Leon's birthday, and my parents wanted to get him something nice from H&M. Oh and the rest of us as well, tee hee. My parents can be so amazing. With this outfit, I can now confirm that this bomber can elevate any outfit. I could've worn a latex body con dress in red and it wouldn't have made a difference.

Anyways, the days have been too dreary and gloomy lately, the weather on this morning notwithstanding. So, I've been spending my days trying to keep my mood up. You know bad weather really gets me. But so many awesome things in the near future! One big awesome may be that i would finally share with you actual pictures of Casa Li. We're renovating our apartment.

So I'll see you next time darlings. Is this outfit "Little Mermaid" enough for you? - Che



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