White Leather

I'M WEARING>> Perfetto: Forever 21// Trench: Spinns, Tokyo// Beanie: H&M// Top: Boohoo// Boots: Monki// Bag: Zara

Let's go back to weeks ago. It was super sunny, but also quite cold. One jacket was not quite enough, but two was just right. Haha, yep, I wore my grid-print trench coat like a dress underneath my leather jacket. Then just simple enough basics like a pair of joggers I actually just used to go to the gym (tee hee, please don't tell, haha). It was the weekend, hehe. I was feeling a little lazy.

These photos, they're so cool right? Sometimes I can't believe my luck that I found someone who could make my pictures look the way they do. No, we're not perfect in any way, and we do have some photos that we just couldn't salvage - the photos we do post, they're perfect in every way. 

Macau's weather forecast says it will be cold again soon, but hopefully, that does not equate dreary and gray. We'll soon see, I guess. oh I can't wait to lounge around on the beach again - soon, very soon. See you lovelies! Till next time.



  1. Wow! I love this 2 jackets style. The outfit looks really cool and stylish :) The pattern of the Trenchcoat is really beautiful :)
    Have a nice day ♡

  2. such a cool look and you always have awesome background in your photos :)

  3. I love these clothes and their design. I hope that i can have one.


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