In Reverse

I'M WEARING>> Jacket and skirt: Stradivarius// Top: Boohoo// Boots: Truffle Collection// Bag: Zalora// Choker: ribbon from stationery shop// Sunnies: Yuyuan Market

You remember this jacket? If not, scroll a few posts down and find satin flowers. Yep! It's the same one. This amazing jacket is reversible and the other side just happens to be a very on-trend pink jacket. It took weeks before I figured this out, and that was by accident, since I was fixing my newly-downloaded wardrobe management app, hehe. Being the perfectionist I was, I couldn't just take pictures on my phone and download them to the app. The quality was too bad, instead I have been finding the product pictures online one by one. Believe me, this is very typical of me...I have brought my perfectionist nature right to my blog.

Anyways, Macau's weather has been so effin' dismal lately, so I haven't been out much. But that's okay because the renovations are taking over my weekend. One big renovation is the new, custom-made closet we had made. I wish I could tell you it's a walk-in, but I'd be lying. Besides, a walk-in closet is not practical where I live, it's too humid. I would have to buy an air drying system just to keep my clothes safe from mould, haha.

Next week though, I have a full schedule. So hopefully, I'd be making a lot more updates! So see you soon, and enjoy the rest of the week - Che



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