Farther We Go

Top: Something Borrowed// Culottes and hat:  Forever 21// Sandals: Zalora// Bag: Zara// Sunnies: Monki

Yep, in HK again. This time we went farther out in HK, to one of the last MTR stops, for a day out in nature to visit the buddha on a mountain in Lantau Island. We went by cable car with a glass bottom. I was with the family for two days and were there to celebrate my sister's birthday. She's so lucky because her birthday is right smack in the middle of summer, which means she always gets to celebrate on some new place me and my family decide to go to for the year.

Outfit-wise, I wanted to look cute, but keep the look in flats because we walked quite a distance, not to mention the long, long, long queue just to get tickets. If you ever plan to go to this place, you better be committed to it, or it's gonna be the worst hour in line of your life. It didn't help that the weather forecast was "Very Hot". But sunshine was in great supply, so I guess very frickin' hot is a good thing.

The next day started with an hour jumping (and falling) in Ryze, a trampoline park! Needless to say I was 12 again, and though I would looooove to share the photos and videos of my amazing backflips with you, maybe next time...or never...hahahahaha

Anyways, what are your travel plans, and would you you wear my little prairie outfit? Hope you had an amazing weekend! - Che



  1. the photos are so fun che!
    your outfit is so festive too,
    I am in love with your culottes!

    Ms. Kei

  2. Darling photos... such a great outfit!! Glad you've been having fun!!! Keep smiling!!!!

    All the Cute

  3. You look really pretty, love the print of the culottes. Have fun dear


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