Retro Squad Goals in Polkadot Dress & Vans

Photos by RJ Gapasin

Hi gals! The full collab shoot and video lookbook is finally here! Believe it or not I basically invited myself to this shindig. It was just supposed to be my sister, Kate, and the two girls, but since I wasn't busy I asked if I could come, and they were like, sure!

I've actually known Charms - she's the hottie with the perfect long curls - from the blog A la Charms for a long time now, but seeing as I was so very painfully shy asking people out, I never did ask her out to coffee or anything before this. I also had the great pleasure of meeting her BFF, Gershwin, equally hot with her 60's style hair, as well. They were so perfectly accommodating and super sweet.

So there was a theme involved as well - Retro. A vibe I think I quite nailed in this amazing polka dot dress, hat, hoops, and Vans. I have no idea which era I'm supposed to be emulating, but I matched all their equally amazing outfits, so I guess I did something right, hahahaha. My sis, on the other hand, don't she look cute (but not as cute as me, because duh?) 

All in all, I love this shoot - taken by Charms' bro, RJ - and damn I gotta plan out my next shoots this well! But what about you darlings?! What do you think of this shoot? Yay or nay? Don't forget to watch the lookbook vid before you go and keep up with our shenanigans.

Comment on your thoughts below! See you soon my lovelies - Che



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