All the Stars and Tans

I'M WEARING>> Top: H&M Divided// Blazer: FF Studio// Pants and hoops: Monki// Shoes: Nike// Belt: Daily Paper// Bag: Marc Jacobs

It's been a while since I've had a post up here that did not feature an amazing pair of sunglasses hiding my face. There's no conspiracy, loves. I just happened to love how I put my face on that particular day. I have been dialing it up on the makeup department recently. It's just so much fun to paint your face and have it looking exactly how you wanted it to look.

But anyways, back to the outfit. I think my previous penchant for a clean, minimalistic look has somewhat passed nowadays, and I have become once again entranced by those complicated little details, prints and accessories that make up my complete outfit. This 'fit began with this star-print crop top and this 'expertly' done blazer hahaha. Followed then by a toss up on what bottoms to wear. I think I went through about ten options before agreeing that these pair of jeans were the best choice.  I bought them during a frenzied trip to Monki right before we went to HK Disneyland last month. After this the other pieces just fell into place. It was a simple enough outfit for a simple enough, crappy, foggy day, which we spent just taking photos, then checking out the new MGM Cotai, and finally attending a small gathering where I then proceeded to have some Whiskey with some dear friends for a birthday.

If you're wondering, I was sober enough to get home and we had great fun.

So, what do you think of this outfit? Yes, no, WTF? Let me know in the comments below! - Che



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