Hong Kong DisneyLand

Hi Darlings! Nice to see y'all again. Sorry for the late post, but this post is a whopper. There is so much content because, come on, it's Disneyland! This isn't my first time at Hong Kong Disneyland, but my THIRD. My first trip was perfect, complete with a one-night stay at the Disney Hollywood Hotel with the family. At that time though, I was not yet into blogging, and with the number of computers we've gone through, none of us in my family could find any of those pictures anymore. 

Then there was trip number two, which we did on a Chinese New Year Holiday a few years back. I have that post here. Hehehe, notice the nostalgic feel of the first-ever digital camera pictures. I took those with this very old digital camera that was round and still ran on AA batteries. Hahaha. Oh how things have changed, don't you agree? That trip wasn't very successful though. The crowd was through the roof because of CNY and by the end of the day everyone was so irritable, just snapping at each other, and we all just wanted to go home.

For our third time in the land of joy it was much, much better, with somewhat lighter crowds and of course the latest addition to our growing family - Leon and Kate's BF, AD. It was my baby sister's birthday, because for some reason turning 15 made her decide to be a child again. This trip was fun, but it did lead me to my five-day bout with the flu. Worth it, IMHO. Tee hee, my sisters and I came early the day before (watch that video courtesy of KateeOTD below!) and stayed the night in HK. We headed to Disneyland the next day, before heading home. Then I was whisked away to the CNY festivities.

So, for this post, we'll make it a bit different. I'll put everything separately and tell you guys all about the newest additions in HK Disneyland!


Okay, here's the first part. The Grizzly Gulch was the Western town of Disneyland, reminding me of those Spaghetti western movies I have watched. Because yeah, that is something I have done. Nothing much to see here though, except for one of the best roller coasters I have ever tried, and I've tried loads. I recommend it! Worth a visit if you have a penchant for heart pounding rides.


Right after the roller coaster in the Grizzly Gulch, we went to Mystic Manor. My sisters were on a very tight schedule soooo...no pictures for me because we had to go in line and no, Ate Che! No more cut-sies! Hahaha. They did tell me that this ride in particular they knew I would enjoy for undisclosed reasons. 

Well, I don't know if your own DisneyLand has a Mystic Manor so I won't spoil it for you here, hehehe. But yeah, if you suspend reality, then it's amazing. I love how DisneyLand focuses more on practical rides as opposed to 3D rides. It doesn't take so much for me to believe in magic, and after this, yes, I do again.


Toy Story Land! Okay so maybe there wasn't a lot of rides here I would wait in line an hour for, but OMG can you see how insane this all looks? It's like the movie barfed on this place and now we have this. This was also a point in our trip where we were all starting to feel the tiredness creeping in, so we had a short break and went about taking hundreds of pictures. Mission Accomplished! Hahaha.


And finally, the grand finale - the new and improved TomorrowLand, now featuring our favorite Sci-fi saga, Star Wars, and a little Iron Man thrown in there for good measure. I've always loved the Space Mountain roller coaster, but now that they've changed the 3D feature to be like you're in the Millenium Falcon, and of course the adrenaline of the deep space battle, this was one of the most satisfying rides of the entire trip!

In comparison, I was not a fan of the Iron Man experience 3D ride because honestly, I've tried better, but with all the souvenir shops I was in, it was in the Expo shop that I finally went all out with the shopping, because come on, Marvel is everything! I of course got the Thor/Hulk shirt you saw in my last post, and Mjolnir/Hulk Fist matching cups for me and Leon. 

And that is it for this massive post!


This was one of the longest posts I've ever done. But come on, this is for all the times I was in HK DisneyLand but didn't get to document it. This place always makes me happy too, because I'm basically a female man-child (can we girls get our own man-child title?) who just doesn't wanna grow up, like Peter Pan.

Oh and, as promised, the equally zany previous day in Hong Kong has been condensed into video form by my sis, who has her own blog here and YouTube Channel here. The video is available below! Give it a watch.

Well, what do you think of this post? Are you a big Disney fan, and do you still enjoy DisneyLand? Let me know in the comments! See you soon lovelies! - Che



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