Peter Piper Popper Pants & Coat

I'M WEARING>> Jacket: FF Studio// Trousers: Zara// Sweater and earrings: H&M// Shoes: Reebok// Gloves: Asos// Bag: Marc Jacobs

Hi Loves! Welcome back to the world of the young and unemployed. This second bout I have on unemployment is basically starting out the way it did last time - with a major upheaval of our own little space. There's been so much cleaning, scrubbing and assembling going on, but our little home is starting to look more and more like Leon and my own small, naive dreams almost five years ago when we started daydreaming on how we wanted our shared space to look.

But of course, I'm also seizing my new freedom with some choice fashion previews we have been invited to lately. Watch out for the new posts coming soon on those, as of course I'm planning to post as much as possible.

My outfit to said events is this little number, documenting my style's descent into that of a little monsieur. Not boyish, per se, but bulky and tailored and all that, and I am loving every moment. The fact that I'm covered up and basically cold proof is a plus as well!

Of course, we still have Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and my own sister's birthday to go through this month, so I'll be happily busy for the rest of it. How's your February looking so far?! Let me know, loves! See you soon - Che



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