90's Geek Chic

I'M WEARING>> T-shirt: Marvel// Trench Coat: FF Studio// Choker: Monki// Pants: Uniqlo// Bag: Michael Kors// Sunnies: Sunnies Studio// Beret: H&M

Quick update today, loves. Hehehe, this was a sort of failed shoot on me and Leon's part, but I truly loved this outfit, because, well, the shirt's subject matter. I am obviously a sucker for Marvel/DC movies and comics, so purchasing this as my only souvenir from our current trip to HK Disneyland was a no-brainer. Oh, and I got a new haircut. Whaddaya think?

I paired it with this amazing oversized trench coat with the red trim from one of my favorite China-based brands - FF Studio - and, curiously, a pearl choker, just because. Isn't this a really 90's-ish outfit? I thought so, hence the name of this post today. I wore this outfit to celebrate my first day in Macau after a long CNY weekend, which I went about having an amazing lunch and then Black Panther in the cinema.

Just a simple day all around, but a great chill day all around. So, what are your thoughts on this outfit? Let me know in the comments. I'll be posting a few more updates regarding our HK trips (more event and travel content) soon, so see you! - Che



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