Touring Osaka

Hi lovelies! Long time no see! There's a reason I've been MIA on this blog for almost half a month, and that's because I was in Japan with my sisters for half a month (almost...). We've just had the most insane schedule ever, so in between getting up in the morning before the sun comes up, and getting back to the hotel after dark, there was almost no time for blogging, unless I wasn't going to sleep. And hunny, a Chezka without at least three hours of shuteye is a cranky Chezka I wouldn't wish upon anyone.

Anyways, here's my first set from Osaka! This is my second time in this place, and let me tell you, I still like it. What's not to like, eh? It's a great welcome point for those new to Japan - the vibe is chill, it has all the neccessities and comforts of a major city without the utter insanity of Tokyo, and there's Universal Studios Japan and Harry Potter World! That alone is an amazing reasons to visit! However, if you ask me, I find the quiet and relaxing vibe of Osaka Castle and the outlying parks to be my favorite place. It's a must-visit loves, if only for the view and a great peek into local life.

I'm not so ecstatic about these pictures though. About three days before the trip, Leon surprised me with a compact little Fujifilm that works amazingly for the most part, but I'm not used to the color and settings yet. But hey, at least I have these gems to share with you, right? Also, if you really need a fix, you could always check out my other posts of this place:

My newly dyed pink hair gave me that extra shot of confidence to pull off some of my most insane looks ever while travelling - like this cutesy pleated skirt and sky high platforms combo, and a little insane rainbow-unicorn look I wore for USJ. I'm happy though. My creative juices are flowing.

Anyways, now that I'm back, expect more posts from me soon! So see you all, and enjoy the rest of your weekend - Che



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