24 Hours in Kowloon

Top: Asos// Shorts: Forever 21// Sneakers and sunnies: Stradivarius// Necklace: c/o Topps Collection// Bag: Michael Kors

So, Leon and I decided to go to HK for a little R&R the only way we know how, we winged it. We booked the room the day we were leaving, forgot to buy ferry tickets, oh, and we didn't bother making any plans, so - the usual.

We found ourselves drifting to Kowloon for a quick photoshoot, walking till we found Heritage 1881. It was a beautiful location, and though there were lots of people around, we made it work. Since it was an easy kind of day, I wanted my outfit to be as much. I used to have an off-shoulder top like this, and I remembered how much I loved showing off my shoulders. I don't know why but I feel so much more exposed and sexier with a top like this, rather than a tiny crop top or low v-neck. Can you believe that I was sweating in this though?? Yes, I was. 

All in all the day was uneventful. Just walking around for hours on end and shoe shopping (not for me, I might add, which is a surprise even to me!) But that's okay, I'm returning this week with my family for a little birthday celebration ;) Yep, keeping it busy.  

So I'll see you soon? Do you like baring your shoulders? - Che



  1. Ahhhh, that MK bag - I die! xx


  2. YASSS! I love baring my shoulders! I have collected way too many off-shoulder tops over the years because of my love for and obsession with it. You look amazing in it! You should wear more, you look good in them!:)

    Happy Advanced Birthday, by the way!

    ♥ Charms | à la Charms

  3. I love showing my shoulders off during the warmer months! Love the look!




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