Top: Cotton On// Trousers: Zalora// Chain: Asos// Sneakers: Nike// Bag: Zara// Sunnies: Stradivarius

The heat has taken over my life. It's too hot and humid outside, dressing up has become a chore rather than something I always look forward to.So, today, an outfit that's very simple that I noticed was channeling an iconic Grease character. Yep. Oddly enough, a perfect outfit for some errands-slash-family time.

People always tell me I have confidence in spades to be able to dress like this though I'm not skinny. I don't know why they'd tell me that though, because it never seemed like a big deal. But of course it is, to others. Some are genuinely interested to know how I do it - many girls with similar body types who are nervous of taking on "skinny-girl" trends (there is no such thing), but there are some who are so negatively disturbed by how I dress that they make a point of talking about it within earshot. Things like "She's so big, how can she think she looks good?" or "Look at that fat girl showing off her rolls". At this point it doesn't bother me anymore, but is this the same for everyone who doesn't fit the standard beauty type? Sigh.

Anyways, if you ever had this problem, I'm telling you that listening to them won't help you in any way. Why must we sacrifice our happiness for people we don't even know? Or wouldn't normally care about? Show that off if that's what you want babes! 

Anything more to add? Shoot off in the comments. - Che



  1. Cool sneakers!
    Have a great week :)

  2. This outfit is fab! I love how you gave it a sportier and more unique vibe with those awesome shoes! Really loving those sunnies as well!

    Would love for you to drop by my blog this week, I am co-hosting a Tuesday linkup! Feel free to add your link!!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  3. Loooooove this babe, you are rocking the crop top and pants combo so hard! Cute pop of color with the sneakers too.
    And I do get that question quite a bit too, and I'd have to say it doesn't matter what size you are - it's your attitude. Yours definitely seeps into your photos and you make your clothes look so good because of it.
    Wear what you want and love yourself no matter what <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
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  4. Great oufit, very comfy but sexy!
    Kiss kiss ♥
    Take a look to the new post on my blog


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