Office Ready

Top: Something Borrowed// Culottes: local store// Shoes: New Look// Necklace: 

This was one of those times where for some reason, I just did not hear my alarm go off. I woke up just 30 minutes before my working time, and I live quite far away. So, my outfit was the last thing on my mind while prepping up that morning.

Since I started working, I've been trying to build up a closet of mixable basics that I can wear and re-wear again with a hundred more possibilities. I think that is slowly becoming a reality now. Dressing up is becoming more of a breeze. If I'm really in a rut then a perfect outfit would be a white tee, black denim and a blazer, right? But not this day. The weather was super hot and humid, so fitted jeans was just not going to cut it. So, I went for these breezy culottes and an equally breezy summer top, with heels to bring the office girl point home. Don't worry about the stomach coming through because I did prepare my blazer though, just not for this shoot. I do not want to melt.

Good thing I was prepared too because you never know when you suddenly have a meeting to attend to, which came true in this outfit. So, whew...

So what do you think? How will you be dressing up when you go corporate? - Che



  1. great look sweetie...
    kisses from dubai ♥

  2. love the outfit! :)

    x Arwa

  3. I agree. After graduating, most students invest in basic outfits rather than the trendy ones because basics are much easier to pair even with just accessories. It's also versatile so you can wear it for corporate or even in date nights.

    ♥ Louise |


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