Blond Again

Top: Asos// Skirt: Forever 21// Shoes: Something Borrowed// Bag: Zara// Choker: H&M

Quick update, babes. Yep, I'm back to .blond. I finally got my lazy butt back into the salon and redyed my hair into a darker ash blond, rather than the bright color I was sporting in February. Needless to say I love blond me so much that I'm keeping it going till I finally get bored, and probably go gray or black or something.

My days have been going by quickly, the weeks come and go. It's all counting down to my trip, my birthday, our anniversary, and so on, and so forth. But this is not the only thing to look forward to. my current job has so many exciting opportunities as well, and things have been busy busy busy. But it's a great path so far. Buttttt, right now, I'm planning to go to a back-to-school party thing with some friends while wearing a uniform-esque outfit, so I leave you for now. Enjoy your weekend, babes! - Che



  1. Your outfit is beautiful but you hair is out of this world! It looks fantastic on you :)
    Have fun over the next couple of weeks

  2. Didn't think anyone could look this good with contradicting stripes, but I love the outfit! I want to go blond so bad!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. Cool mix of stripes!



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