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c/o Ritz-Carlton

I sure took my sweet time with this post, huh? Carla and I were slated to have dinner at the lovely Ritz-Carlton Macau, but at the same time my friend and amazing guest relations extraordinaire, Eurica, decided that to  make "Dinner at the Ritz-Carlton Macau" even better (seriously?) - was with a tour of the elusive hotel. Yes, I mean it's right next to where Leon works, but's almost hidden. The hotel was beautifully lit, had amazing oriental touches but you could still feel that European background, almost like a different world.

So for this post, I decided to add some photos of the hotel as well, in addition to the amazing dinner we eventually had after the tour. I can't put my finger on what was so special about the Ritz, but it was just the overall ambience of it all. The service. Oh and the food! My gosh the food was delicious, and oh so pretty. So picture-worthy. We had the set dinner, and then proceeded to share everything so we could taste everything. That was a great idea. Then we had some Riesling wine to toast, and then Crepes Suzette, after we already had dessert. I had to take a picture of the flambe! hehehehehe.

So if you want a great experience and meal, try Ritz-Carlton Macau Cafe, sit back and relax. And make sure to say hi to the amazing staff, Hanny, Eurica and Fiona. Their service was impeccable. - Che



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