White on White on Stripe

I'M WEARING>> Tee: H&M// Trousers and Choker: Stradivarius// Bag: Forever 21// Shoes: Tout a Coup

Anddddd...there it is. The all-white look. I knew it was coming, since I purchased these amazing white trousers with the understated stripes on the side and the first thing I thought was "All white, for sure" I do love my simple, minimalistic looks once in a while. It's very simple too, just a tee, my snakeskin booties without the straps, and usual choker and black bag. Perfect for the horrid summer weather we've been having recently. A little disclosure though, this is probably the most badass I have felt in a while? Know why? Coz I was having my period. Haha, guys, please look away now! But yeah, I was almost so scared you would see a color that's not supposed to be there. Hahaha. Okay guys, you can come back now.

Believe it or not though, there is a reason for this outfit though. If you saw me on IG lately, you might have seen the all-white me and my sisters were sporting this past weekend. This is for a cheeky little present we have decided to give our parents (t-shirts with our not so pretty faces on it) for my daddy's birthday. Haha, I may be able to show you some pictures soon. Tee hee. Follow me on IG for more updates soon!

Anyways, what do you think of this all-white look? Yay or nay? Let me know, my darlings! And I'll see you soon. - Che



  1. Your hair looks great and I love how you rock a crop top! Best in the biz! Those pants are so comfy/cool! Love the stripe on the side!

  2. Wait, you wore white pants while on your period?
    HOW!? Yup, badass status right there. LOL
    I love the all-white look - now I want to create my own take on this trend as well! The colorful stripes down the leg of these pants is so cool Che :D

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  3. so sporty chic in this all white look! love your shoes too! :)

    Metallic Paws

  4. I have to admit very badass, that's a risk I can't take so I applaud you for that.
    The look is very minimalist chic I live it. Love your shoes.


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