90's Baby

I'M WEARING>> Top and booties: Forever 21// Jacket: Levi's via Mayonnaise Vintage// Skirt and choker: Stradivarius// Sunnies: Embellish

And again, my style returns to the 90's. It would always return to the 90's. Funnily enough, it began with this top. I bought this top months ago. At that time, I was moving things around in my closet, so I just folded and placed it in with everything else. Then I forgot about it. Hahaha. That was two months ago, darlings! I can't even see half my closet anymore. For my usual 90's look, just add denim.

Anyways, I know. I haven't been posting on time lately, but I've been distracted. I'm so sorry. I'm not abandoning my blog, I'm taking a break from my rigid blogging schedule. I think this will be the last though, I'm planning to make a full recovery next week.

This weekend has begun. Finally! It started this Friday with dinner and drinks with my amazing blogger friend from HK, Tim. He's also a designer, hair dresser, and entrepreneur, which makes me question what I have done in my life thus far. Just kidding, tee hee. You can check out his blog here. Right after that, I dragged my sleepy self to drinks and dancing at local club, Pacha. Yep, my Fridays are becoming a blur of parties again. I'm not complaining, makes me feel young (cue eye-rolls, hahaha). Saturdays are a different story though. Leon and I decided to take a walk, though it was too hot, so right after this we hid inside a cafe for the end of the day. I feel like we are one of the most anti-climactic couples around. Haha, you'd think we'd always be doing exciting things, but a lot of the time chilling is enough. So, what do you think of this outfit? Pretty simple for the day, I think. How are your weekends so far? Let me know in the comments! - Che



  1. I love the 90's vibe here, so stylish!

    AGNESE || www.theblogness.com ||

  2. Great styling! love your 90's look!


  3. You nailed this 90's inspired style and you look so cool!


  4. Girl!! You look fabulous. Love the Denim jacket.



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