Sultry Workwear

I'M WEARING>> Duster: Spinns Harajuku// Top, choker, and bag: Forever 21// Skirt: Something Borrowed// Shoes: Stradivarius

I think I'm pretty lucky to be in a work place without a uniform. I do try to keep a semblance of pull-togetherness though. Summer is making it super difficult to think straight about outfits, so this little too sexy, little too casual outfit slipped through. No biggie though, and I personally love this outfit. 

I finally found the perfectly fitting summer knit in that perfect grey color, and espadrille-brogue hybrids. Actually I think my shopping itch has been on a roll lately, something to do with those little red tags that indicate happiness at every turn. Damn. Oh well, what could I say? New, beautiful clothes can improve a shitty day, or even make an amazing day even better. Tee hee.

Anyways, it's TGIF tomorrow! What are your plans? Let me know, and do tell me what you think of this outfit =) See you soon, darlings, kisses - Che



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