Weekend Drill

I'M WEARING>> Jacket (worn as top): Glamorous// Skirt: Zalora HK// Shoes: Adidas// Bag: Forever 21// Sunnies: Rubi// Choker: Stradivarius

So, this weekend went by so fast. From Friday night I was all full-steam ahead, going out with friends for a night on the town (or maybe just inside one club), up until 06:00 in the AM. Saturday was sleep-in day, which in my case meant by 11:45AM, because I'm not the type of person to really oversleep. I spent the morning watching anime at home. My interest, for some reason, has returned with a vengeance (I was an anime geek in high school!)  I watched two series back to back this weekend and was done for each within one day. 

Since we're in the thick of summer heat, it's also time for the annual summer sale. I could not help myself, getting two pairs of espadrilles, a slew of summer tops, and easy bottoms. I have a little denim pair of jeans I can't wait to show you, from Zara, and a lilac/slate jacket, which wasn't even on sale, from H&M. Haha. I went a little (or a lot) overboard haha, but that means I have a lot of new surprises to show you!

Anyways, on Sunday, we just had another casual day out with my family, which I always enjoy. I wanted to be super casual for the day so no heels. Just my usual superstars, a jacket I finally got around to wearing like a shirt (believe me, I have been contemplating this outfit for a while now), and a mini skirt. Bliss. 

To my American readers, happy fourth of July tomorrow! It's funny that I always feel like part of the celebration, wearing the colors and such. But maybe someday I'll actually get to visit the U.S. of A and actually celebrate it there. hahaha. It's already on my bucket list. How do you usually celebrate the holiday though?

So, do you like my khaki on khaki outfit? Let me know, as always, in the comments! See you soon, babes! - Che



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